AGV system

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a track-free unmanned vehicle to drive according to autonomous program instructions by magnetic, optical, laser or electromagnetic signal without a mechanical rail or guide structure on the ground.

* Application
This optimum unmanned transportation system allows for the efficient, safe and accurate transportation of heavy and dangerous objects and effective for moving objects between processes in the production line and logistics system.

This AGV is used for the body chassis mounting process of a car assembly line and highly functional featuring chassis module assembly on the vehicle, transport-to-mounting process, synchronized operation with upper hanger body and simultaneous chassis module assembly.

  • Loading capacity : ~4,000Kg
  • Speed : 0.1m/min ~ 5m/min
  • Guide : Magnetic and electronic
  • Forward, backward, transverse, turn and synchronized
         operation with a target
  • Equipment : Scissors Lifter & Spiral Lift Unit
  • Equipped with a remote control Wi-Fi modem
  • Operation : Remote control, auto, semi-auto and manual
  • self-diagnosis & warning system

GM Changwon factory

Detailed operation

Product Images

Chassis Merriage AGV
Chassis Merriage AGV
Chassis Merriage AGV
Standard AGV
Standard AGV
Economic AGV
Economic AGV